Eighth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Eighth Year Anniversary Traditional Gifts

The traditional list provided us with bronze for the eighth anniversary gift. At first, the choice pf bronze seems odd. However, bronze is widely used as decoration and exist in endless amount of shapes, colors and figures. So when it comes to choosing the gift for the eighth year, you truly have tremendous amount of options to choose from.


Eighth Year Anniversary Modern Gifts   

In a complete and absolute contrast to the traditional gifts list, the modern gift that is associated with the eighth year is linen or lace. Naturally when thinking on lace gift for her, the first thing that comes to mind is a set of sexy lace lingerie, which can work as a perfect gift for both sides. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to one product. There are many great products that are made out of lace and linen. You can give yourself a present of high quality linen sheets, linen guest towels, handkerchief, table cloth and many more.


Eighth Year Anniversary Flowers  

Lilac is the flower that is associated with the eighth year anniversary. It is a flowering woody plant that has over 20 species. Lilac scent is very familiar and many fragrances use its essences in their smell. Lilac usually bloom in the spring season and their typical color is purple or, (quite the obvious) lilac. However, some of the lilac species have other colors like white, pink and light yellow. Lilac flowers can grow easily in gardens and parks and they are a perfect match to the era of the bronze and pottery.


Eighth Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Here are some ideas for the eighth anniversary gifts. Don’t forget to add your own touch to whatever you end up choosing to give.

Bronze Jewelry: Jewelry is always one of the first things comes to mind when trying to find the appropriate anniversary gift and for the eighth anniversary this task just got easier. There is practically endless amount of bronze jewelry types and shapes. Then again, maybe the task just got that difficult.

Bronze Sculpture: Bronze is a material that is commonly used for sculptures. You can find bronze sculptures in all sizes and shapes that can be appropriate for any place in the house.

Bronze Plaque: An engraved bronze plaque is great gift for the eighth wedding anniversary.

Bronze Picture Frame: Picture frame are always a good choice for anniversaries. As a gift of its own or as add-on to another gift. The bronze frame will symbolize this year’s material and the picture will include a memorable moment of your life together or even one from just this year.

Bronze Garden Statue: Bronze is also an excellent material to be placed at the garden. It is relatively resistant to the outdoor environment. This is a well-known fact therefore, there are many bronze statues specifically dedicated to the garden.

Bronze Lamps: Light up your home with the decorative bronze lamps. Exists in many styles and shapes.

Fire Pit: Fire pits are excellent solution for those cold evenings. You can enjoy them as you entertain guests or when you are having a romantic evening for just the two of you.

Bookends: Bookends doesn’t have to be boring. There are many cute, chic and stylish bronze bookends that will add some character to your bookshelves and also, you guessed it, hold your books.

Money Clip: Well, money clip by itself isn’t much of a gift. But if you give your loved one a bronze money clip as the eighth anniversary gift, make sure you engrave it with a small saying or at least their name and the wedding date.

Lady Justice Statue: Probably the perfect gift for the eighth anniversary for someone who is in the law business, like a lawyer, paralegal, a judge etc. but not only.