First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

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First Year Anniversary Traditional Gifts

The first anniversary gift is traditionally paper and it usually known as the paper anniversary. However, it is highly not recommended to give your spouse something boring like a package of A4 paper. By doing that, you might not make it to the second year anniversary. Instead, try to think of paper as versatile material that can be used in many ways and products. Although the idea of given your spouse something paper related may seem dated or cheap, there are actually many type of gift ideas you can choose from with a paper theme that are actually impressive and sentimental.

Probably the first idea comes to mind is a book. You can choose a book from the current best seller list or you can add your own personal touch and get a rare edition of a book you know your spouse love.

There are many other paper related gifts as can be seen by our ideas below. Such as plane tickets to a memorable vacation, concert tickets to a show you both will enjoy, stationery and more.

First Year Anniversary Gift - Paper

First Year Anniversary Modern Gifts

As fitting to the modern time where we are all in a rush to get to places, clocks are the modern first anniversary gift. However, clocks can be a perfect way to symbolize the time that has passed during your joint lives and to the beginning of your journey together. Giving a clock as the modern first year anniversary gift for the office or home, will ensure constant reminder to one another and make sure you will never “miss” each other.

Today, there is practically endless selection of clocks, for home or office, wall clock or desk clock, made out of wood or metal, analog or digital. Just select the right clock that speaks to you and to the feeling you wish to grant your loved one.


First Year Anniversary Flowers

Carnations are the flowers that symbolize the first year anniversary. They are charming and relatively durable flowers which grow around in some cases up to 20 inches tall. Carnations are well-known for their sweet aromatic scent. These flowers have a blossom period from around spring until summer and are known to be originated in the Mediterranean part of the world. Carnation original color is pinkish-purple but nowadays you can find carnation in almost any kind of color such as red, white, yellow, green and more. They are often associated with love and fascination and as such are the perfect gift for loved ones.

You can have a special bouquet of Carnations delivered to your loved one as a surprise and a gift by itself or combine them with a traditional or modern 1st year anniversary to achieve much more intimate and exciting gift.


First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas for the first anniversary gift. Don’t forget to add your own touch whatever you end up choosing to give.

1. Pictures/Painting

Funny caricature portraits is an excellent addition to your living room decor.

An excellent first anniversary gift is enlargement of a personal picture to hang on the wall in your home. The picture should be of the two of you in a place you both remember fervently. An upgrade to the picture gift can be a personal painting of the two of you. The picture can be a photo-like, caricature-like or other. Check out custom made painting on sites like Etsy, Fiverr and more.

2. Tickets

Concert tickets will revive your first year of marriage.

Tickets are also made out of paper and they can be your access to a romantic and memorable event. You can get tickets to a movie, a play, a sport event or anything else you can think about. There are lots of sites that have tickets to all kind of events like Ticketmaster, Ticketfly, Stubhub and more.

An upgrade to an event ticket can be airplane ticket as anniversaries are an excellent reason to pack your bags and go on romantic vacation. Whether you are packing your bathing suits for a tropical island or ski boots, such a getaway can be the ideal, dreamy vacation. You probably didn’t think you can get that with your paper, first anniversary gift, did you? Go into Booking and start plan your getaway.


3. Books

Alice in wonderland
A rare edition of Alice in Wonderland. A true classic.

True, you can buy a brand new bestseller from Amazon but if you have any interest in making this more memorable, pull up your sleeves and find a rare edition to your spouse’s favorite book, a signed copy, first edition or other type of collectible book.

A great place to find rare books is in Alibris. This unique online store connects people who want to sell their rare books with people who are interested in buying them.

Another good option to find rare books is of course ebay.

4. Love letter

love letters
A great first anniversary gift is a personal love letter. Show him/her how you feel with words from the bottom of your heart.

 This idea can easily be the first on the list. Writing a moving love letter can be an effort for people that are not accustomed to writing such letters. But if you put your heart into it, your love letter can stand for a gift on its own. Don’t use any word processor and printer. Pick up nice looking stationery Amazon or Etsy and put your feelings into hand written letter.

5. Notebooks

Smart Writing Set
Paper? Tablet? who can say. Still, probably the coolest way to write today!

The perfect first anniversary gift for someone who enjoys writing can be a fine notebook, an empty one of course. They can use it to write notes, keep a journal etc. while remembering the person who gave it to them.

Many years ago, that gift could have been a paper notebook. Later, as technology advanced, it became laptops and tablet. Now, introducing the new “notebook” concept, the smart writing set.

6. Wedding Dress Sketch

A sketch of the wedding dress (with or without the groom’s suit) is an amazing first year anniversary paper gift.

A great way to relive the magical day & night from the year before is a sketch of the wedding dressed. get it framed together with the actual photo, with or without the suit of the groom. This is a gift you can be displayed in any room of the house including the living room. It is both intimate and public in one great gift.

You can find people that will create that for you on Etsy or on MyDreamlines.

7. Custom Sheet Music

Custom Sheet Music
Sheet Music Canvas Wall Art is a great gift for wedding anniversary. Put the notes of your first dance out on display.

Slightly similar to the sketch of your wedding dress is the custom sheet music. You can the convert that special moment of your first dance into an incredibly unique and personal piece of art.

There are several places online that can create that for you like GeeZees.

8. Adult Board Game

Paper card games
Two of the new best selling card games. Not exactly what you expected.

Card games have reinvented themselves over the years. The legendary ones such as Monopoly, UNO, etc. are still very popular but there are new card games that got spiced up. Games like “Cards Against Humanity” and “Exploding Kittens” are just two examples of extremely popular new card games.

You can play as a couple or with friends but this paper anniversary gift is something you can enjoy over and over.

If you guys are experienced with card games and already have most of the popular, why don’t you try to look up something new in KickStarter.

Keep in mind that getting a product from Kickstarter takes a lot of time so this needs to be well planned.


9. Wine Labels

Have a toast to your anniversary with a custom made wine label. Print your wedding date, pictures and more.

For a couple who enjoys wine a great gift to give is wine label. Make your own vintage with a picture of the two of you and emotional words. There are plenty of online stores where you can buy a custom made wine label for your anniversary and you can look at Etsy as well.

10. Calendar

From the house wall to cubicles, keep track of important dates with photos of your love ones.

Personalized calendars are fun to make. You can have each month printed together with a different picture of the two of you and mark important dates like your first date, birthdays, your wedding date and so on.

There are different types of custom made calendars you can create such as: wall calendars, desk calendars, easel calendar, magnetic and more.

Creating the calendar is very easy and usually require you to do 2 things, upload photos and mark the dates. This can obviously be sent to your preferred address. Popular online stores for custom made calendars are Shutterfly, Walgreens , SnapFish and more.

This is another first anniversary gift that will last the entire year.

11. Paper Rose

paper flower
Paper rose for the first anniversary.

Flowers are great. They are beautiful, colorful and usually make the person you give them to, happy. Hard to say that there are people who don’t like to get flowers. Moreover, flowers, especially roses, are known as symbol of love and affection.

This year, give you love one a special kind of flower, a rose made of paper that is the symbol for the first year of marriage.

You can get it from Amazon or from Just Paper Roses.

If you think a single rose isn’t enough you can get a paper flower bouquet from etsy.

Personalized stationery: If your spouse has a desk then monogrammed, engraved stationery is an excellent anniversary gift.

Recycled paper décor: The ultimate gift for an environmental individual. A home decorative item made out of recycled paper products.

Cigars: Fine cigars are great gifts to give your man. That is only if he enjoys smoking cigars, of course.

Newspaper: Newspaper is the ultimate paper gift. So how to make it a personal anniversary gift? You can get a printed edition of a newspaper or a favorite magazine from your wedding date or birth date.

Postcard: Did you two meet in a special place or you have a place that holds a lot of meaning to you two? Get a postcard of this place and write a special anniversary wishes on it or frame it.

Paper Lanterns: You can surprise your spouse with a beautiful decoration of your home with magnificent Chinese paper lanterns.

Photo Album: Nowadays, with the digital cameras and smartphone’s camera there are much more picture, but less printed ones. Take this opportunity to create a special printed photo album that captures all the adventures you two had so far.

Voucher: Vouchers are sometimes known as the lazy people’s gift but they can be acceptable if you make it a little more personalized and give a voucher gift to a favorite store.