Fourth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Fourth Year Anniversary Traditional Gifts

For the fourth anniversary gift it is traditionally known to give fruits or/and flowers. While at first look it maybe seems like a too simple gift, maybe something that would be appropriate for as the first anniversary gift if any at all, there are many possibilities to have this year a unique and thoughtful gift even more than its previous years.

Use this opportunity to have a celebration to all of your senses. Create a colorful party to your eyes, taste celebration to your mouth and tongue, scent event for your nose and a touch & feel festival for your hands and skin. Nowadays, there are limitless amount of tropical and exotic fruits, lychee, star fruit, dragon fruit, passion fruit and more. You can blind fold your spouse and sensually feed them with an exotic fruit and have him/her guess the type.


Fourth Year Anniversary Modern Gifts

The modern fourth anniversary wedding gift is Appliances. Yes, you can jump to the next BestBuy, Traget or else and buy a replacement to the old & broken bread toaster. However, try to think of an appliance your spouse secretly dreams about having, ice cream machine, robot vacuum clear, etc. Finding the right appliance is not an easy task but the enjoyment can be doubled as the gift should be both thoughtful and useful.


Fourth Year Anniversary Flower

The fourth year anniversary flower is Hydrangea. Hydrangea is a flower with several different species. However, among those species only five can be found growing widely in the US. The most popular of the species are the oakleaf, paniculata, mop head, hydrangea vines and lacecap. The Hydrangea flowers are “multi-purpose” flowers and are highly rated by many decorators and florists due to that. They have can be dried to create marvelous home decorations or to be used as perennial plants. They are used in many special occasions like a wedding, parties and events because of the extremely vibrant colors, impressive appearance and uniqueness.


Fourth Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Here are some ideas for the fourth anniversary gift. Don’t forget to add your own touch to whatever you end up choosing to give.

A Bouquet of Flowers: Well, you can basically stop your searches for the ultimate gift with that one. A beautiful bouquet will be valued by anyone and the options are unlimited.

Fruit Basket: A (naturally) sweet gift that you both can enjoy. Don’t go for the pears and apples. Go for the exotic fruits and there is no shortage in fruits you never eat or even heard about before.

Flower-Shaped Jewelry: How about it? Giving a traditional gift in a jewelry disguise. Or a jewelry in a traditional gift disguise. However you look on it, you can find a nice delicate piece of jewelry that will be much appreciated.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries: Don’t worry. It is not too cliché. They are chocolate covered strawberries. Still not convinced? They are strawberries, covered with chocolate. We knew it will get you.

Flowering Plant: Plants are living entities that need nurturing and caring. They are perfect gifts for home and garden.

Fruit-Infused Liquor: Ever since the discovery of alcohol there was no greater gift than the fruit-infused alcohol. Raspberry vodka, peach Schnapps, apple brandy. Just choose your pick.

Scattered Rose’s Petals: Have a romantic evening at home with gourmet dinner, a bottle of fine wine and rose’s petals scattered all over your home, leading to the master bedroom.

Fruit-Flavored Candy: A brilliant gift for the couple who enjoy candies.

A Bonsai Tree: It’s not exactly a flower but it is a plant and a very elegant one that can last for many years if given the right treatment.

Fruit of the Month Club: Join the club and receive a box with different and special fruit every month.

Floral-Scented Perfume: Perfumes are arguably one of most desirable gifts. Pick a perfume with a distinctive floral scent and got it covered.

Dried Fruit Box: Discover an all new level of sweetness with dried papaya, mango, bananas, apricots, plums and more.

Gold, Silver or Crystal Rose: A beautiful and decorative flower that will last forever.

Juicer: What a better way to spend those hot summers than a cool and delicious fruit cocktail.

Gardening Tools: A perfect gift for those who are fortunate enough to have a garden and even more fortunate to have the time to take care of that garden.