Sixth Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sixth Year Anniversary Traditional Gifts

The traditional gift for the sixth anniversary is iron. Iron is in a way a contrast to the previous year gift which was wood. While wood is considered a warm element, iron is usually related to as a cold element. Choosing the right iron gift can be a little bit challenging but marriage life is also challenging sometimes. It could be that this was the initial idea behind setting the iron as the sixth year gift.

There are not many nice looking iron jewelry but there are many iron decoration products and art related products that are made out of iron. Be sure you choose a gift that is special in a way to the person that will receive the gift and see how this once cold element is turning into a warm product.


Sixth Year Anniversary Modern Gifts

Modern lists selected wood as the sixth anniversary gift. Quite surprising fact considering wood is the traditional fifth anniversary gift. Nevertheless, wood is an excellent element and has been used for centuries in many different products. In addition to the regular type of wood there are other types of rare and exotic varieties of wood. A beautifully crafted and unique wooden item can definitely be a special gift.



Sixth Year Anniversary Flower

The Calla Lily is the flower that represents the sixth year anniversary. It is a beautiful flower that is often used by wedding planners and actually most gardeners love to grow. The Calla Lily belongs to the zantedeschia genus that normally grows in the southern regions of Africa. The Calla Lily can grow in any soil even ones with humid climate. This flower has a gentle, velvet-like texture that can turn a bouquet or a flower set to an elegant piece. The Calla Lily unique feature is in its shape, as some refer to the shape of the flower to be a seductive as a shape of curvy woman.

call lily

Sixth Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Here are some ideas for the sixth anniversary gifts. Don’t forget to add your own touch to whatever you end up choosing to give.

Golf clubs: An ultimate iron gift for golf fans, man and woman. Try to add a personal engraved message like “you are a whole in one”

Iron Statuette: There is a large variety of small statuettes that are made out of iron and looks like they were made from scraps but they are adorable items for office or home.

Iron Waffle Maker: Make this sixth anniversary traditional gift sweeter by giving you both an iron waffle maker. Good times!

Hair Flattener/Curler Iron: Now that is a real iron. Not made from iron but actual iron. If you require explanation to what it does, it is probably not the right gift for you to buy.

Poyke / Potjie: This is small iron cast pot that is commonly used in South Africa. It is used to slow cook stew over a small wooden fire. It can easily be used to cook in your back yard.

Forged Iron Chanukah Menorah: For those who use a Menorah in Chanukah, there are many different Menorah designs that can also be used as a decorative item.

Candle holders: Romantic, chic, industrial and the list goes on and on. Choose the candle holder that is matching your or your spouse taste.

Iron: Well, this is not a recommended gift since it usually means absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, its name asking to be on the list, isn’t it?

Cast Iron Cookware: A heavy cast iron pot or pan can have a tremendous effect on the taste of your food. Think sizzling steaks, slow cooked stews and more.

Wrought Iron Décor: Wrought iron isn’t just fences and beds. Wrought iron is used for a lot of decorative items and furniture.

Iron Bookends: Bookends are excellent decoration that brings much character to your house. And for bookends that are made from iron the options are unlimited.

Wine Bottle Holder: This item didn’t exist just few years ago but its popularity is definitely on the rise. There are many fancy, sophisticated wine bottle holders that are perfect for wine lovers as home decoration.

Iron Man: Because superheroes never go out of style and let’s face it, boys will always be boys.

Iron Jewelry: More sophisticated than gold or silver and yet it is still a jewelry. Most of the designs of jewelry made out of iron are very unique.