Third Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Third Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

For the third anniversary gift it is common to give something that is made of or relates to leather. Leather is an excellent material. It is durable and has great versatility. Leather products can be the perfect gift as the leather material by itself has many patterns and colors. There is practically an endless amount of products that are made of leather you can give your spouse as an anniversary gift like jackets, shows, belts, purses or wallet and many, many more.

High quality leather product may seem expensive in the beginning but as said it is a durable material that can last many years even on a daily basis usage and remind you both of your great times together.

Please keep in mind that genuine leather is optional. Nowadays, there are high quality leather like products.


Third Year Modern Anniversary Gifts

Modern lists changed the third anniversary gift to crystal or glass. Both of them, the glass and the crystal have many uses and can come in many forms and products. They can be jewelry, dining ware, decorative products and more. Crystal is a mineral that has a little better reputation and considered as higher quality than the glass. However, glass products are nothing to disregard as they can come in many forms and even in many colors.


Third Year Anniversary Flowers

Sunflowers are known as the third year anniversary flowers. They have a lovely and vibrant yellow color that immediately attracts the eye. A field of sunflowers is a stunning site but the effect doesn’t decrease even when there is only one sunflower in a vase.

The round shape and strong yellow color immediately remind the presence of the sun, thus its name Sun-Flower.


Third Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts Ideas

Here are some ideas for the third year anniversary gift. Don’t forget to add your own touch whatever you end up choosing to give.

An Autographed Ball: Whether it’s a baseball, football, soccer ball or else, this type of gift any type of sport fan will be glad to have.

Wallet: Wallet is an excellent example of seemingly ordinary gift that can be turned to something special with just a little personal touch.

Purse: A brand new luxury purse is something any woman would love to have. However, if you are a man buying a purse for his wife, this should be handled with caution. You should consult the saleswoman and never, never forget the exchange card.

Shoes or Boots: Probably one of the most difficult and risky gifts possible to buy to anyone. Practically unlimited number of leather shoes/boots styles, models, brands and color. Our suggestion: if you are buying an anniversary gift for your love one, choose something else.

Case: For iPhone or iPad, for a man or a woman, with a little thought into it, a leather case could turn out to be a very thoughtful and useful gift.

Watch: The leather strap is probably just an excuse to buy your lover a brand new, luxury watch.

Gloves: Keep your spouse’s hands shielded and stylish with a new pair of chic leather gloves as you third your traditional anniversary gift.

Belt: Doesn’t sound much like an anniversary gift right? Wrong! Still not convinced, head over to the belt’s section on MontBlanc web store.

Leather Jacket: This is the ultimate leather clothing item. Nowadays, leather jackets come in many styles and colors. What kind of look does your partner wants to have? Matrix, fight club, nascar racer or a chic, elegant look?

Leather-Bound Journal: For anyone who keeps notes or records in a journal, a leather-bounded journal will definitely give it an upgraded look.

Briefcase: Thoughtful and extremely useful gift to for the business individual. Don’t let them carry their documents and laptop in a fabric backpack.

Leather Portfolio: The artistic brother of the previous gift. They carry their artwork in plastic folders? Step up their game for them with a leather portfolio as the traditional anniversary gift for your third anniversary.

Leather Passport Case: Use this leather gift to surprise your spouse with a romantic getaway for your third anniversary.

Business Card Holder: No gift is better than one that the receiver is using daily. Engrave your name into a leather business card holder for a personalized leather gift.

Leather Cigar Holder: A perfect gift for the smoker type.

Leather Flask: This is the cousin of the previous gift. For anyone who enjoys drinking alcohol from a flask, collect flasks or just enjoys the idea of having a flask.